Trade in Rhino Horn Under the Spotlight

Department of Environmental Affairs

Edna Molewa, the Minister of Environmental Affairs, recently introduced the Committee of Inquiry tasked with investigating the feasibility of a trade in rhino horn. The 21 member committee is chaired by Nana Magomola.

She stated that it is important to emphasize that South Africa has not taken a position on the issue, and will not do so until the committee has completed its work and presented its findings.

In the coming months the committee will consult with relevant stakeholders before submitting a set of recommendations to the Inter-Ministerial-Committee before the end of 2015.

The department also invited stakeholders to register to participate in the work of the committee. Those invited include representatives from law-enforcement agencies, SANPARKS, the scientific community, the immigration service, the revenue service, the conservation industry, private wildlife owners, community organisations as well as non-governmental organisations and traditional leadership.

The committee will consider information submitted by stakeholders and invite organisations or individuals to present information to it for consideration. A schedule of engagements/workshops being convened by the committee will be made available in due course.

Sabinet Cape Town Office