Youth in Agriculture Under the Spotlight

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries department wants to create an environment where youth can flourish in the agriculture sector.

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries minister, Senzeni Zokwana, emphasized this during an address at the 2018 #Youth in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Competition Awards.

The minister added that the aim was to facilitate increased investments in agricultural businesses owned by youth.

Norms and Standards for the inclusion of vulnerable groups have been developed that will “reset departmental programmes towards an inclusive strategy, intended primarily to address the skewed participation in the sector.”

According to the minister, the Norms and Standards spell out targets and timeframes to speed up transformation in the local agricultural sector.

A 50/50 split between male and female beneficiaries is a desired target.

Other targets include ensuring that “50% of the total beneficiaries are youth, and 50% of the youth are agriculture, forestry and fisheries graduates, with 6% of all beneficiaries being people living with disabilities.”

The forestry sub-sector is also under the spotlight with a study underway to determine the participation of women and youth.

“The study will examine, inter alia, the 7 quantitative and qualitative trends on the employment of women and youth strata in the sector, disaggregate their participation along the entire value chain, explore the structural economic impediments for youth and female-led Small Medium and Micro Enterprises in the value chain.”

Sabinet Cape Town Office