Value of Community Radio Outlined

Department of Communications

Communications minister Faith Muthambi says community radio must empower communities and not merely be a shadow of the commercial sector.

In a speech delivered in East London, the minister said urgent attention needed to be paid to:

•    a review of the community media sector to determine viability and sustainability;
•    assisting local government to structure decent partnerships with community media;
•    exploring content and programming partnerships between agencies of the state;
•    studying partnerships between community and commercial media “aimed at improving the question of the transformation of the media”;
•    investigating how the community media “take advantage of the question of social media in particular to popularise their content”; and
•    going into the relationship between the media and community development workers.

She said government needed to focus on ensuring that the community media sector was given the necessary support to flourish and not be seen as a secondary means of communication with the citizenry.

Sabinet Cape Town Office