DTPS Updates Parliament on Cost to Communicate

Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services

The telecommunications and postal services department recently provided parliament with updates on the work being done to reduce telecommunication costs.

The department also focused on the implementation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMME) Development Strategy.

The department aims to speed up ICT-facilitated socio-economic development characterised by inclusive participation in the sector and lowering the barriers to entry for South Africans.

The ICT SMME Development Strategy seeks to promote inclusive economic growth and contribute to employment creation.

The Strategy focuses on:

•    Transforming the ICT sector through accelerating the development and growth of small enterprises;
•    Creating support mechanisms to increase the levels of uptake and usage of ICT services by all SMMEs in various sectors of the economy; and
•    Establishing a coordinated and integrated planning mechanism for development of ICT SMMEs.

A Discussion Document by ICASA is set to be released by 31 March 2018. This document will indicate a list of markets that are prone to ex-ante regulation and will also contain key recommendations.

By June 2018, a Findings Document will be released by ICASA which will indicate a list of markets that are prone to ex-ante regulation and a list of priority markets to be subjected to a market review process.

The Competition Commission will release a final report on the awarding of the transversal telecommunications contract to one service provider during August 2018.

Sabinet Cape Town Office