Local Radio and TV Content Regulations Under Review

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) is reviewing radio and television local content regulations.

According to an announcement on ICASA’s website a discussion document for public comment is available and interested parties are called on to react not later than 10 September 2014.

In the statement the organisation also says the discussion document was drawn up after a consulting company conducted an analysis and assessment of the cultural, economic and social benefits brought about by the preservation of South African programming regulations as well as the cost benefits.

A copy of this report is available at ICASA’s library.

“It is the Authority’s view that through South African music and television programming, radio and television can make a vital contribution to democracy, nation building and development in South Africa; and that the local content quotas will go a long way in protecting and developing the country’s national cultures and identities, and promoting local industries”, the statement says.

The discussion document was published in Gazette 37803 early last month.

Sabinet Cape Town Office