Hydrographic Bill Tabled in Parliament

Department of Defence and Military Veterans

A bill designed to provide for the setting up of the Hydrographic Office has been tabled in parliament.

The Hydrographic Bill was drawn up by the defence and military veterans department.

The bill aims to:

•    provide for the establishment of the Hydrographic Office;
•    provide for its objects, functions and the manner in which it is to be managed;
•    provide for the appointment and powers of the Hydrographer and the staff in the Hydrographic Office;
•    regulate the submission of hydrographic data;
•    regulate the manner in which hydrographic survey marks and copyrights may be protected;
•    provide for the limitation of civil liability;
•    provide for the manner in which the income of the Hydrographic Office must be dealt with;
•    provide for a co-operation agreement between departments in respect of the administration of matters of joint interest that may arise from the execution of the Act; and
•    provide for matters connected therewith.

The setting up of the Hydrographic Office, currently within the South African National Defence Force, will enable it to continue to exist as a unit in the South African Navy.

The portfolio committee on defence and military veterans will process the bill.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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