White Paper on Policing Gazetted

Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

A White Paper containing specific policy proposals that seek to create a police force that supports civic accountability has been published in Government Gazette 41082.

The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service has crafted the White Paper on Policing.

Cabinet adopted the White Paper in April 2016.

The policy paper is also directed at playing a meaningful role in creating safe and secure communities.

Implementation of the objectives will require a “comprehensive review of existing legislation, regulations and other supporting policies.”

Included in the White Paper is:

•    An approach to policing;
•    Building a professional police service;
•    A framework for a professional police service;
•    Institutional arrangements; and
•    Maintaining the momentum for delivery.

The White Paper on Safety and Security was also published in Gazette 41082.

It provides the “policy architecture for dealing with crime and violence in South Africa over the medium term”.

The White Paper will facilitate, where necessary, new legislative and institutional arrangements required to actualize its objectives.

The objectives include providing an overarching policy for safety, crime and violence prevention and setting up a sustainable, well-resourced implementation and oversight mechanism.

Issues covered in the White Paper include developmental approach, intersectoral co-operation and collaboration towards effective integrated planning and service delivery, knowledge-based approach, community participation and understanding safety, crime and violence prevention in South Africa.

Sabinet Cape Town Office