Investment Conference Generates R290 billion for South Africa

The Presidency

The recent Investment Conference generated announcements of investment of R290 billion.

In a statement, the presidency described the successful conference as the “beginning of a new narrative on investment in South Africa”.

Investment announcements were made by companies in mining, forestry, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport, energy, agro-processing, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, financial services, energy, ICT and water.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee voiced government’s appreciation for the investments pledged by investors.

“We are humbled and inspired by the significant investment pledges that have been made by South African and international investors who consider themselves as partners in our economic renewal and in the development of our society.”

Three catalysts are driving government’s strategy of stimulating economic growth and job creation, namely, the Economic Stimulus and Recovery Plan, the Jobs Summit and the Investment Conference.

Sabinet Cape Town Office