Amended Policy on Education Districts Published

Department of Basic Education

The Amended Policy on the Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities of Education Districts is in place.

The department of basic education published the amended policy in Notice 111 in Government Gazette 41445.

The policy provides a national framework for the organization and staffing of education district offices and the delegated authority, roles and responsibilities of district officials for the institutions within their care.

The policy provides:

•    A uniform terminology that establishes a common basis for district norms and standards across all nine provinces;
•    Norms for district and circuit size which must be applied in a manner that takes into account local circumstances and which makes educational sense; and
•    A framework within which Provincial Education Departments can provide district offices with the necessary roles, delegated authority, functions, resources and skills to enable them to perform their core functions, with additional support for districts where the educational needs are greatest.

New sections on implementation of policy and minimum norms for staffing education districts are inserted.

Under the section on financial management, the authority to take appropriate disciplinary steps against any official under the District Director's authority who commits an act of financial misconduct in terms of the PFMA has been removed.

A new addendum on minimum district staffing norms has also been inserted.

Sabinet Cape Town Office