Development of Artisans Under the Spotlight

Department of Higher Education and Training

The Draft National Artisan Development Strategy and Implementation Plan has been published for comment.

The higher education and training department published the proposed plan in Government Gazette 41704.

The draft strategy and implementation plan was drawn up in terms of the Skills Development Act.

It seeks to highlight the priority activities that will have a direct influence in the training of quality artisans.

The aim is to set up a uniform artisan system and processes to speed up the production of artisans in South Africa.

An artisan advisory body will also be put in place to advise the department on matters related to artisan development.

Some of the issues focused on in the strategy include artisan system development role players, new 7 steps to becoming an artisan, artisan recognition of prior learning, trade testing, certification, quality assurance, artisan dedicated research and implementation plan.

Comment is invited within 31 days of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, in the realm of basic education, comment is sought on the proposed 2020 school calendar for public schools.

The basic education department published the invitation in Gazette 41708.

Comment is invited within one month of the date of publication.

In Gazette 41704, the department has called for submissions on the draft curriculum and assessment policy statement for learners with severe intellectual disability, grades R-5.

The closing date for comments is set as 21 days after the date of publication.

Sabinet Cape Town Office