Dispensing Fees for Pharmacists Adjusted

Department of Health

Dispensing fees for pharmacists have been published in Government Gazette 41362.

The health department published the adjusted fees in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965.

The Regulations Relating to a Transparent Pricing System for Medicines and Scheduled Substances were first published in 2005.

The fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

The dispensing fees include:

•    Single exit price less than R107.15 – R11.25 plus 46% of the price;
•    Single exit price between R107.15 and R285.80 – R24.00 plus 33% of price;
•    Single exit price between R285.80 and R1000.33 – R73.50 plus 15% of price; and
•    Single exit price of R1000.33 and above – R172.00 plus 5% of price.

The department also published:

•    Notice 1478 – exclusion of certain medicines from Medicines and Related Substances Act.
•    Notice 1479 - dispensing fee to be charged by doctors, dentists and nurses.
•    Notice 1480 – information and instructions for the single exit price adjustment submissions for 2018.
•    Notice 1482 – proposed regulations relating to the qualifications for registration of arts therapists – call for comment.

Sabinet Cape Town Office