Health Laboratory Service Bill Sent Back to NA

National Council of Provinces

The National Health Laboratory Service Amendment Bill has been amended by the national council of provinces and returned to the national assembly for concurrence.

The national assembly passed the bill and sent it to the national council of provinces for concurrence in April 2018.

The bill was tabled in parliament in May 2017.

It intends introducing amendments to the National Health Laboratory Service Act in order to make the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act applicable to the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS).

The proposed legislation also aims to adjust the objects and duties of the service and strengthen the governance and funding mechanism of the NHLS.

During its deliberations, the select committee on social services inserted a new clause 4 into the bill.

“Universities of technology” are included in the list of entities involved with joint research operations.

The select committee has also inserted a new clause 6 which calls for the minister to consult with relevant bodies and institutions prior to approving appointments to the board.

The portfolio committee on health will now process the bill.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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