Pharmacy Council Sets Down New Fees

Department of Health

The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) has issued its fees for 2018.

In terms of the Pharmacy Act, the new fees were published in Notice 841 in Government Gazette 41210 and have been categorized in the following order:

•    Registration fees (payable with a duly completed application form);
•    Annual fees;
•    Other fees;
•    Restoration fees;
•    General; and
•    Exemptions and reduced fees.

Some of the new fees (including VAT) are:

•    Registration fees for a pharmacist – R3 755;
•    Annual fees for a wholesale and manufacturing pharmacy – R12 857;
•    Fees for the issuing of a tutor’s duplicate certificate – R2 054; and
•    Restoration fees as a result of voluntary removal: Providers accredited/approved by the SAPC – R14 851.

Meanwhile, the health department has published, in Gazette 41203, draft amendments to the regulations relating to the qualifications for registration of dental assistants for comment.

A new qualification on dental assisting is added to regulation 2.

Sabinet Cape Town Office