White Paper on International Migration in Place

Department of Home Affairs

The White Paper on International Migration has been published in Government Gazette 41009.

According to the foreword by the home affairs minister, Hlengiwe Mkhize, the current policy is outdated and limits South Africa’s ability to embrace global opportunities while safeguarding its sovereignty and ensuring public safety and national security.

Policy gaps include the management of integration for international migrants, management of emigration and management of asylum seekers and refugees.

The white paper is described as enabling the “whole of the state and society to actively manage international migration to achieve development goals set out in the National Development Plan.”

Policy and strategic interventions are recommended in eight policy areas:

•    management of admissions and departures;
•    management of residency and naturalisation;
•    management of international migrants with skills and capital;
•    management of ties with South African expatriates;
•    management of international migration within the African context;
•    management of asylum seekers and refugees;
•    management of the integration process for international migrants; and
•    management of enforcement.

The white paper also focuses on international migration patterns in South Africa, policy vision and thrust and state capacity for managing international migration.

It puts a policy framework in place to guide a comprehensive review of immigration and related legislation.

The amendment of legislation is likely to be concluded by March 2019.

A green paper was published for comment in July 2016.

Sabinet Cape Town Office