International Crimes Bill Tabled

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

The International Crimes Bill has been tabled in parliament.

The bill’s explanatory summary was published earlier this week.

The bill seeks to:
•    criminalise conduct constituting international crimes;
•    regulate immunity from the prosecution of international crimes;
•    grant extra-territorial jurisdiction to the courts in respect of international crimes;
•    regulate the investigation and prosecution of allegations of international crimes;
•    provide for the extradition of persons accused or convicted of international crimes to foreign states;
•    provide for the surrender of persons accused or convicted of international crimes to entities;
•    provide for cooperation with entities in respect of international crimes;
•    repeal the Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Act, 2002;
•    amend the Prevention and Combating of Torture of Persons Act, 2013, so as to confirm immunity for certain persons from prosecution in respect of the crime of torture; and
•    provide for matters connected therewith.

Cabinet approved the draft bill last week.

The portfolio committee on justice and correctional services will process the bill.

Meanwhile, the justice and constitutional development department has released draft amendments to the Legal Aid South Africa Act Regulations.

The proposed amendments focus on qualifying for legal aid and means test.

Comment is invited before 19 January 2018.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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