NA Approves Joint CRC Report

National Assembly

The national assembly has approved the recently adopted Joint Constitutional Review Committee Report.

The Joint CRC adopted the Report in November. It calls for Section 25 of the Constitution to be amended to allow for the state to expropriate land without compensation in the public interest.

The Report will now be considered by the national council of provinces (NCOP) tomorrow.

According to a statement, if the NCOP approves the Report, a committee may be tasked to draft a constitutional amendment bill.

“Introduction of such a Bill would follow procedures in Section 74 of the Constitution and the Rules of Parliament.”

A draft bill would also have to be published for comment at least 30 days prior to tabling in parliament.

Once tabled, public consultation on the proposed legislation would need to take place.

At least two thirds of the national assembly would need to approve the bill for it to be sent to the NCOP for concurrence.

The NCOP would only be able to pass the bill if at least six provinces support it.

Sabinet Cape Town Office