Mine Health and Safety Under the Spotlight

Department of Mineral Resources

All mining companies and workers are encouraged to work safely and apply zero tolerance on substandard work and conditions.

The mineral resources department announced this in a statement following the conclusion of the Mine Health and Safety Summit held last week.

The department added that shift fatigue management systems must be put in place and continuously monitored.

“In cases where arrangements are made for workers to work overtime, managers must ensure that proper supervision is carried out by all responsible mine personnel and measures are implemented to prevent accidents.”

The department also declared that inspections and audits will be intensified during the remainder of the year.

The CEOs of mining companies were called upon to host Health and Safety Days from now until
the end of January 2019.

Meanwhile, the department has announced that work is underway with stakeholders to “explore ways of creating more demand for this metal, because I am of the view that platinum has great prospects for growth.”

The statement follows a meeting between the mineral resources minister, Gwede Mantashe, the executive of the Minerals Council and CEOs in the coal and platinum sectors held last week.

The meeting focused on challenges facing coal and platinum companies and to work on finding solutions for the long-term sustainability of the mining industry.

“The importance of working together cannot be overstated. It is after all in our collective interest to ensure that the industry takes its rightful place in the economy, and that South Africa remains a preferred investment destination for mining,” the minister concluded.

Sabinet Cape Town Office