Gender-Based Violence Under the Spotlight

The Presidency

The recent Presidential Summit Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Femicide has committed to fast tracking the review of existing laws and policies on GBV to be victim-centred.

The presidency announced this in a declaration on the presidential summit.

The declaration also indicated that the review will ensure that all other relevant laws respond to GBV.

Delegates at the summit also agreed to set up an interim structure as a stepping stone to the establishing of a national, multi-stakeholder Council.

“The composition of the Council must be inclusive and representative with consideration of at least 51% civil society and appointments must be transparent.”

The interim structure has been given six months to set up a functional Council with subsequent legislation governing its operations.

Other commitments include that all laws and policies, programmes and interventions across government are planned, costed and resourced in line within a gender- responsive planning, budgeting and monitoring evaluation framework, legislative gaps to be addressed, a regulatory framework for religious institutions to be created that curbs sexual abuses and crimes under the guise of religions and revisit and fast track all outstanding laws and bills that relate to GBV and femicide, including the decriminalization of sex work.

Sabinet Cape Town Office