Salaries for Ministers, Members of Parliament and Premiers Set Down

Department of Energy

Proclamations have been published in Government Gazette 41313 setting out the salaries and allowances for ministers, members of parliament and premiers.

The determinations were made in terms of the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Act.

The adjusted salaries applied from 1 April 2017.

Ministers earn a total remuneration of R2 401 633 per annum while deputy ministers receive R 1 977 795 per annum.

In proclamation 42, the salary table for members of parliament is set down.

The speaker of the national assembly gets R 2 825 470 per annum while members of the national assembly and permanent delegates to the national council of provinces earn R 1 079 943 per annum.

Proclamation 43 sets down the salaries for premiers, members of executive councils and members of provincial legislatures.

Premiers receive R2 260 409 in total remuneration per annum while members of provincial legislatures are paid R 1 045 220 per annum.

Sabinet Cape Town Office