Customary Initiation Bill Tabled in Parliament

Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

The Customary Initiation Bill has been tabled in parliament.

The traditional affairs department called for comment on the bill in July 2017.

The bill seeks to:

•    provide for the effective regulation of customary initiation practices;
•    provide for the establishment of a National Initiation Oversight Committee and Provincial Initiation Coordinating Committees and their functions;
•    provide for the responsibilities, roles and functions of the various role-players involved in initiation practices as such or in the governance aspects thereof;
•    provide for the effective regulation of initiation schools;
•    to provide for regulatory powers of the Minister and Premiers;
•    provide for the monitoring of the implementation of this Act;
•    provide for provincial peculiarities; and
•    provide for matters connected therewith.

According to the bill’s memorandum, it seeks to protect, promote and regulate initiation by providing acceptable norms and standards, structures at national and provincial level to ensure that initiation takes place in a controlled and safe environment and clarity on the various responsibilities, roles and functions of the key role-players in customary initiation.

The portfolio committee on cooperative governance and traditional affairs will now process the bill.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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