Revised Guidelines for Traditional Councils in Place

Department of Traditional Affairs

Revised guidelines for the determination of the number of members of traditional councils are in place.

The traditional affairs department published the guidelines in Government Gazette 41072.

They were drawn up in terms of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act.

Two options are provided:

Option A – option based on number of recognized headmen/headwomen.

Option B – option based on estimated population of traditional community.

According to option A, a traditional council with 7 or less headmen/headwomen shall consist of 18 members.

In terms of Option B, a traditional council with an estimated population of traditional community up to 15 000 shall have 18 members.

MECs of each province must determine which option applies to the traditional councils located in their respective provinces.

Senior traditional leaders must select community members and headmen/headwomen as indicated in the two options.

Sabinet Cape Town Office