Construction Industry Development Regulations to be Tweaked

Department of Public Works

Amendments to the Construction Industry Development Regulations are in the pipeline.

The public works department published the proposed regulations in Government Gazette 41236 for comment.

The draft regulations were drawn up in terms of the Construction Industry Development Board Act.

A new definition on “indirect targeting” is proposed. It focuses on the facilitation of contractor development through the procurement model which targets developmental outcomes but excluding direct targeting.

New regulations on Contractor Performance Reports (Grades 2 to 9), Indirect Targeting for Enterprise Development and Developing Skills Through Infrastructure Contracts are also to be inserted.

Comment is invited within 30 days of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, the department has published three standards in Gazette 41237 emanating from the Construction Industry Development Board:

•    Notice 1239 - Standard for Contract Participation Goals for Targeting Enterprises and Labour through Construction Works Contracts.
•    Notice 1238 – Standard for Minimum Requirements for Engaging Contractors and Sub-Contractors on Construction Works Contracts.
•    Notice 1237 – Competence Standard for Contractors.

Sabinet Cape Town Office