Transformation in Construction and Property Sector Under the Spotlight

Department of Public Works

The public works department is prioritising transformation in the construction and property sector.

The public works minister, Nathi Nhleko, emphasized this during his department’s budget vote speech in parliament.

Priorities during 2017/18 include:

•    Finalisation of the Baseline Study on the Transformation of the Property Sector;
•    Obtaining approval on the Sector Codes from the Ministry of Trade and Industry;
•    Launching of the Construction Sector Codes and Charter; and
•    Integrating all initiatives aimed at transforming the procurement processes to be in line with the Charter.

As regards the redistribution of land, the minister indicated that besides progress in the process over the past 23 years, government needed to now speed up progress to overcome challenges.

In particular, the department needed to “finalise the Expropriation Bill with a view to realise land redistribution and disposal for socio economic development.”

President Zuma returned the bill to parliament earlier this year to consider his reservations about its constitutionality.

In a statement, the presidency confirmed that the bill was returned to parliament over reservations that insufficient public participation took place during the processing of the bill.

The bill intends repealing the current Expropriation Act of 1975.

A review of the current act was undertaken to bring about consistency with the “spirit and provisions” of the constitution.

The proposed legislation will make it clear that property can be expropriated in the public interest.

The bill sets down the powers of the public works minister to expropriate property, the procedures for the investigation and valuation of property, how the intention to expropriate is conveyed and how expropriation is to transpire, how compensation is to be paid and the role of the court in settling disputes.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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