Science and Technology Laws Bill in the Pipeline

Department of Science and Technology

The Draft Science and Technology Laws Amendment Bill will be tabled in parliament in 2018.

The science and technology department published the draft bill’s explanatory summary in Government Gazette 41704.

The draft bill seeks to amend a raft of acts including the Scientific Research Council Act of 1988, the Academy of Science of South Africa Act of 2001, the Human Sciences Research Act of 2008, the Technology Innovation Agency Act of 2008 and the South African National Space Agency Act of 2008.

Some of the objectives of the draft bill include harmonizing:

•    the processes for the determination of the remuneration and allowances of the members of the Boards or Councils and members of the committees of the Boards or Councils, and the termination of membership of Boards or Councils of the entities, as well as the disqualification of members or potential members from the membership of Boards or Councils;
•    the processes for the appointment of chief executive officers of the entities as well as the secondment of employees and the conditions of appointment or secondment;
•    provisions relating to written delegation of powers by Boards or Councils to individual members or committees of the Boards or Councils.

The draft bill also aims to provide for the disclosure of interest by members of the Boards or Councils and the timeframe for making disclosures.

Occasions on which members of Boards and Councils are prohibited from participating or voting in Board or Council meetings are also outlined.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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