Children’s Amendment Act in Effect

The Presidency

The Children’s Amendment Act and the Children’s Second Amendment Act are in effect.

President Zuma assented to both acts at the beginning of 2017.

The department of social development has published the president’s proclamation of the following acts in Notice 49 in Government Gazette 41399:

•    Children’s Amendment Act 17 of 2016; and
•    Children’s Second Amendment Act 18 of 2016.

The Children’s Amendment Act intends, inter alia, declaring people convicted of certain offences prohibited from working with children, to give child offenders an opportunity to argue why they should not be included in the register, to provide for the review of a decision to remove a child without a court order and to provide for child offenders to have their details removed from the register.

The Children’s Second Amendment Act aims to, inter alia, extend the definition of adoption social worker, to have decisions to remove children without a court order to temporary safe care reviewed within a day and to empower a provincial MEC of social development to transfer a child from one form of alternative care to another.

The proclamation determines that the date of publication of the notice is the date on which the two acts come into effect: 26 January 2018.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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