Draft Fund-Raising Amendment Bill in the Pipeline

Department of Social Development

The Draft Fund Raising Amendment Bill will be tabled in parliament in 2017/18.

The social development department announced this during a briefing in parliament on progress on the 2015/16 Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report.

The proposed legislation was published for comment in May 2017.

The proposed amendments include:

•    To effect certain textual amendments to provide greater clarity;
•    To provide for the discontinuation of certain funds and for the dissolution of any boards responsible for those funds;
•    To establish the National Social Development and Relief Fund and to transfer any amounts remaining in the discontinued funds to the National Social Development and Relief Fund; and
•    To empower the minister to make regulations and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The department pointed out that the South African National Defence Force has requested further deliberations on the proposed amendments with the minister of defence and military veterans to finalise their input.

Sabinet Cape Town Office