Social Budget Bulletin Launched

Department of Social Development

The inaugural Social Budget Bulletin has been launched in Johannesburg.

According to the social development minister, Bathabile Dlamini, the notion of developing the Bulletin first arose in discussions with the International Labour Organization.

The Bulletin is produced in conjunction with Wits University’s School of Governance.

The minister pointed out that the social budget initiative “aims to provide a consolidated perspective of social budgets and expenditure in the country, to enable us to review and assess the scope, coverage and performance of our social programmes over time.”

All social security schemes ae included in the scope including public or private, contributory or non-contributory, formal or informal.

The social budget model can also be used “as an on-going statistical mechanism to systematically report, analyse and review social expenditure and revenue across time, in order to reliably assess our progress, identify gaps and develop appropriate policy interventions for our future.”

The publication will help to provide information on key policy issues including the cost, affordability and sustainability of policies, the adequacy of benefits, the balance between social assistance, social insurance and private insurance and the efficiency and impact of the system.

The minister indicated that the Bulletin had already revealed key issues that needed to be addressed in future policy-making such as enhancing the quality of coverage in the private insurance arena and providing detail on the cost, affordability and sustainability of social assistance, social insurance and private insurance.

Meanwhile, the social development department has, in Government Gazette 41132, announced that the National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy is available on its website.

Sabinet Cape Town Office