Comment Sought on Economic Regulation of Transport Bill

Department of Transport

A draft bill designed to promote economic growth in South Africa by promoting an effective, efficient and productive transport sector has been published for comment.

The transport department published the Draft Economic Regulation of Transport Bill in Government Gazette 41992.

The proposed legislation also seeks to set up “two parallel, independent, but integrated regulatory agencies”.

The draft bill was first published for comment in February 2018.

The revised draft bill aims to:

•    consolidate the economic regulation of transport within a single framework and policy;
•    establish the Transport Economic Regulator;
•    establish the Transport Economic Council;
•    make consequential amendments to various other Acts; and
•    provide for related incidental matters.

The draft bill proposes the setting up of the Transport Economic Regulator and the Transport Economic Council.

Section 9 will give the regulator powers to regulate prices in the transport sector.

Chapter 2 also introduces provisions governing access to rail infrastructure, and the amendments to the National Ports Act contained in Item 1 of Schedule 1, seek to strengthen the governance of infrastructure access in the ports sector.

Section 19 calls for the implementation of directed price control reduction.

Comment on the draft bill is invited within 30 days of the date of publication.

Sabinet Cape Town Office

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