Eighteenth Amendment of Civil Aviation Regulations Published

Department of Transport

Civil Aviation Act regulations have been amended.

The Eighteenth Amendment of the Civil Aviation Regulations was published in Government Gazette 41379.

The amendments focus on adjusted fees payable to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Some of the adjusted fees include:

•    Exemption       R1500
•    For the issuing of a fuel venting certificate      R670
•    For the approval of modification, repairs and installation on an aircraft      R560
•    For registration of an aircraft        R740
•    For validation of foreign pilot licence and ratings        R450
•    For validation of a flight engineer licence        R670
•    For the issuing or reissuing of the free balloon pilot licence       R630
•    For the issuing of a corporate aviation operating certificate       R7 710
•    For a radio telephony call sign          R520

The passenger safety charge has also been adjusted to R23.61.

The revised fees come into effect on 1 April 2018.

Sabinet Cape Town Office