National Rail Bill on Track

Department of Transport

The drafting of a National Rail Bill will be fast-tracked in the new financial year.

The transport department announced this during a briefing on its annual report in parliament.

The department added that the speeding up of the drafting process will be in line with progress made towards the finalization of the Draft White Paper on the National Rail Policy.

In June 2018, the department announced that the Draft White Paper had been approved by the Economic Sectors, Employment and Infrastructure Development Cluster (ESEID) for submission to cabinet.

As regards the Draft Merchant Shipping Bill, the socio-economic impact assessment, consultation with the ESEID cluster and submission to cabinet for approval will be prioritized in the 2019/20 financial year.

The department also pointed out that the development of the Road Freight Strategy Implementation Plan will be prioritized in the new financial year.

Meanwhile, the department has published proposed amendments to the Civil Aviation Regulations in Government Gazette 41971 for comment.

Some of the proposed amendments include to Part 1 (Definitions and Abbreviations), Part 61 (Pilot Licensing) and Part 175 (Aeronautical Information Services).

Draft amendments to technical standards are also published for comment.

Comment is invited until 12 November 2018.

Sabinet Cape Town Office